How to remove SystemFile.vbs VBS:Dinihou-B [Wrm] ?

This type of infection spreads through removable media like USB key, SD cards, phones, GPS, tablets ..
Any USB device containing free disk space can be contaminated.

  • SHA1 : 55242fa591f7f4bcd617522d5886da8e55c092dc
  • SHA256 : bd5857ace25de3f6a302b8959d352d222234588dbd3070275afd041a2a554006

Propagation scheme :

propagation scheme usb virus
In (1) healthy USB support is plugged into an infected PC, where the infection is active.
This will automatically create a copy of the malicious code (2) on the healthy USB support.
Once the USB support healthy contaminated, it serves as a means of transport to the infection to infect a healthy PC (3).

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This infection is spread by USB. At school, at work, with friends .. Wherever you used your USB key


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  • Detection : VBS:Dinihou-B [Wrm]
  • Analysed on VirusTotal : 2013-10-28 01:53:40
  • Size : 74198 bytes.
  • File Type : text/plain
  • MD5: a92987e2d044166c8e6f94ccf957ae07
14 detection of 47 antivirus tested. 30%

Antivirus detection:

  • Avast : VBS:Dinihou-B [Wrm]
  • Comodo : UnclassifiedMalware
  • DrWeb : Trojan.Hworm.1
  • Emsisoft : Worm.VBS.Dunihi.W (B)
  • ESET-NOD32 : VBS/Kryptik.T
  • Fortinet : VBS/Dinihou.E!worm
  • F-Secure : Worm.VBS.Dunihi.W
  • GData : Worm.VBS.Dunihi.W
  • K7AntiVirus : NetWorm
  • Kaspersky : Worm.VBS.Dinihou.e
  • Microsoft : Worm:VBS/Jenxcus.gen!A
  • nProtect : Worm.VBS.Dunihi.W
  • Sophos : Troj/VBS-CE

How to remove SystemFile.vbs VBS:Dinihou-B [Wrm] ?

  • Download UsbFix on your computer, and execute it.
  • Connect all your external data sources to your PC (Usb keys, external drives …)
  • Choose Clean option.
  • UsbFix work completely independently.

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