How To Remove ed4c9519-4398-44de-bf9b-1c04e0b9cd18.exe
PUP.Optional.SavePass ?

This type of infection is easily avoidable. Indeed it comes in most cases be blend with the software you just download. Be vigilant during the installation of a new software, take time to read the terms before using the product. ed4c9519-4398-44de-bf9b-1c04e0b9cd18.exe was detected by AdwCleaner, Anti-Malware Software by Xplode. The file was submitted to VirusTotal, a service that combines the detection of more than 40 antivirus engines.

Informations for : ed4c9519-4398-44de-bf9b-1c04e0b9cd18.exe PUP.Optional.SavePass


We inform you about the threat, its effects and its impact on your PC.
Usually this infection sets in a software download or via false updates. Beware !


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The adware-PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) alone represent, the most important vector of infection now.

These are programs that may be unwanted but can still install if you do not pay attention.

This family consists of infection commercial adware, they hijack the toolbars and Browsers(Changing the start pageS of your browsers and link your web searches to a poor reputation site or bad site)..

Usually they settle on of a software download.
Indeed, many sites features packed softwareS that embeds themselves

If you do not pay attention during installation, so you accept the installation of the software which is a real worry for publishers detection of antiviral solution since you accept the license to use the unwanted software.
The accumulation of these programs leads your PC go slow and your browsing becomes a hell. Advertisements are usually displayed in order to increase revenues from these distributors.


  • Detection : PUP.Optional.SavePass
  • Size : 316904 bytes.
  • File Type : application/x-dosexec
  • MD5 : 8a0a887328863e529dd8c2646fa6c6ad
  • SHA1 : 1c746c458a70de6982afbc7805f204c1de5e9fb3
  • SHA256 : 8071fa2ebbf80287f480a027d831825713c262240f0ac938e6751bf7ecfcd146
33 detection of 57 antivirus tested. 58%

Antivirus detection :

How to remove ed4c9519-4398-44de-bf9b-1c04e0b9cd18.exe PUP.Optional.SavePass ?


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Tips: Perform cleaning using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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Unchecky care to avoid potentially unwanted programs away from your computer! Uncheck it for you preselected suggestions during the installation of a new software.


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